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Hi, my name is corsavius!


I'm the creator of WordUp. The original idea came about in October of 2019. As a game night enthusiast, I learned through trial and error with my friends and family that a great game needed three traits; easy to learn, competitive, and (most of all) fun! And so, after a refreshing nap, I started drafting ideas WordUp and was born. I grabbed some friends and some whiteboards, put together some categories, and watched the magic unfold.

It's safe to say I was not prepared for how much fun everyone was having. I then branched out to different friend groups and eventually strangers. It was such a rush of excitement to see everyone enjoy playing WordUp. At that point I decided I had to share this game with the world.
Today, I can say it's been a very long but rewarding journey and I'm so happy I made it this far. I appreciate all the love and support that I've gotten from everyone, including you, new friend. Without your support, WordUp would cease to exist. I hope you enjoy playing WordUp as much as I enjoyed creating it.

“It’s been a very
long but
journey and I’m
so happy I made
it this far.”

Thank you!

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